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Friedrich Nietzsche quote: I was in darkness, but I took three steps and

The hero may not succeed in each action but must press on. The hero will meet allies, enemies, and mentors with supernatural aid throughout the initiation stage. Having endured the trials and hardships of the adventure, the hero returns home.

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But the hero is no longer the same. An internal transformation has taken place through the maturation process of the experience. Luke is now a Jedi and has come to peace with his past. Neo embraces his destiny and liberates himself from the conventions of The Matrix. In Three Uses of a Knife , famed playwright David Mamet suggests a similar three-act structure for plays and dramas:.

Act 2: Antithesis. The protagonist faces opposing forces that send him into an upheaval disharmony. Abraham Maslow points out that we are confronted with an ongoing series of choices throughout life between safety and growth, dependence and independence, regression and progression, immaturity and maturity. Maslow writes in Toward a Psychology of Being :. We grow forward when the delights of growth and anxieties of safety are greater than the anxieties of growth and the delights of safety.

It becomes clear here why so many of us refuse the call to adventure. In The Hero with a Thousand Faces , he deconstructs every step along the journey. Before a would-be hero can enter the special world, he must first live in the ordinary world. The ordinary world is different for each of us—it represents our norms, customs, conditioned beliefs, and behaviors. In The Hobbit , the ordinary world is the Shire where Bilbo Baggins lives with all the other Hobbits—gardening, eating and celebrating—living a simple life.

Novelist J.

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Tolkien contrasts this life in the Shire with the special world of wizards, warriors, men, elves, dwarfs, and evil forces on the brink of world war. The Call to Adventure marks a transition from the ordinary world to the special world. The hero is introduced to his quest of great consequence. Fear of change as well as death, however, often lead the hero to refuse the call to adventure. The ordinary world represents our comfort zone; the special world signifies the unknown. The hero resists change initially but is ultimately forced to make a critical decision: embark on the adventure or forever remain in the ordinary world with its illusion of security.

This defining moment helps the hero to…. In one sense, this is the point of no return. Once the hero shoots across the unstable suspension bridge, it bursts into flames.

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These dream-stoppers are often cleverly masked as friends and family who appear to have positive intentions but hinder your development nonetheless. Generally, at an early stage of the adventure, the hero is graced by the presence of a wise sage. Sometimes cloaked in mystery and secret language, a mentor manifests when the hero is ready. But our modern world is depleted of wise elders or shamans who can effectively bless the younger generation.

See King Warrior Magician Lover for a full treatment on this important topic.

For most of us, it is best to seek wise counsel from your inner guide , the Higher Self within. The next significant threshold is often more treacherous than the first. They are the ones you think about not burdening. If you want to protect them from your feelings, depression, and suicidal thoughts, then they are the people that you need as life preservers to get your head above water.

Let them just be. Then, just be together. We are designed to be together.

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  • We are designed to be in fellowship with others. Now, a fourth point to anyone who might be reading this looking for advice on what to say to their mom, dad, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, or son or daughter who might be going through depression, this is my advice to you. It was hinted in the third point above. It is the most important thing to remember, regardless of any education, training, experience, or articles read on the internet ironic mentioning that in a piece currently being disseminated via that same means. No matter what, do not try to fix them, control their emotions, or correct them.

    Your job is to be present. To listen. To pay attention. To care. To resist the pushes away. To be there and show the unwavering, relentless, unchanging, reliable love of God by simply being present. The story of Eeyore in the Hundred Acre Woods is ideal. Eeyore is obviously a character that suffers depression, but Pooh, Piglet, and Tigger never forgot him, never left him behind, never let his struggles get in the way of relationship. And, I am a comedian. I worded that last paragraph intentionally. Dave always entertained the people he was around, but that knack for entertaining went from fun to a defense mechanism to keep people from seeing his internal war with depression and suicide.

    Finally, God reached Dave and Dave set out to pursue God in earnest. Now, Dave uses the comedy, allowing God to redeem the scars of depression, to minister to others through improv. Related Download our Most Popular Prescriptions. Thank you Michelle and Dave. This is going to be so helpful to so many! Thanks for being so transparent Dave. Point four is especially important! That is something that you should pat yourself on the shoulder for!

    The Creation of the World

    Resting after something like this happens to you is so important! You might think that after all the time you have spent in the bed that you are well rested but you could still be so drained from the grieving process itself that you still need to take the time to recuperate and relax. Try to take some time for you doing the things that you once enjoyed and ease your way back into life.

    A massage could help or even a nice hike, something that could help relax you and simultaneously take your mind off of the stressful events that you have been living with. This is going to be a rough journey but incrementally, if you find new ways to take care of yourself, you can discover ways to enjoy yourself again. Thanks Tonya. It has been so hard because these women were my rocks, you know? They understood me better than wny two people alive and now they are gone and I have to wonder if I will ever have that from anyone again.

    But your words mean a lot and I know that I will get there, but there will still be a lot of tears along the way! I have always found that during times of sadness there will always be true friends by your side but everyone else will seem to disappear. This can make it challenging to reconnect with others when you are ready to emerge from that darkness. So you may not reemerge with the same friends but perhaps this could be the signal that it is ok and time to make some new ones. I have lost two children and the people who were suppose to be my friends disappeared even my family They all want to pretend life is the same but it will never be the same for me Their lives are the same, but will forever be changed and my heart is missing pieces and I will never be who I was before The people that are around always try to change the topic, they say things that are to me not nice , but to them they nieve one who has never been their can never comprehend your loss the devastating disaster your life has had They are the lucky ones, I am where no parent ever wants to be a nightmare you can never wake up from.

    The Hope of God’s Light

    Would be nice to have people who understood what I am going through, it is lonely in this world. Our children should always pass after us. With regards to healing yourself, only you can step through the fire to the other side. People can try to help but ultimately there is a healing process and stages of grief that must be experienced in order to completely return to the land of the living and productive.

    You said you lost two children, so if the healing from the first child was still not addressed — and a lot of us do that, we tuck it down somewhere inside, then a second loss happens no matter what it is, it is a tough road back. Not impossible. In a Zig Ziglar lecture, I heard him say when he lost his young daughter — after the initial grief, rather than feeling devastated and angry and all those mixed feeling which come with a loss such as that , he said — I was grateful for the time I had with her.

    What a beautiful sentiment. To turn a negative into a positive. Listening to some Zig Ziglar would be good for you. No matter what your economic status this is available to you — free on you tube or your local library. You did not say when this occured. After an initial stages of grief period nobody can say how long this is only you if your life is not getting back on track, perhaps a visit to your GP for a good talk about how you are feeling, possibly even a mild antidepressant?

    There is nothing is wrong with relying on something like that to help you over a bump in life. If your friends seem to be absent — maybe you should access them individually to see if these people are beneficial to you anymore. As we grow, people fall away and God provides new ones to be with us. I would hope you have some real friends to help you through this period.