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In either phrasing, the message is clear: we ignore the lessons of history, especially in the context of conflict, to the peril of repetition.

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World War II is arguably the worst human conflict in history, as judged by its casualties. But human lives were not the only things of value lost in that war. Also lost were such intangibles as honor, integrity, innocence and even God — priceless ingredients that separate humans from our animal neighbors and help us make sense of a world that often seems senseless. But it was the war, whose epicenters were in Christian Europe, that would later accelerate the unapologetic secularism on the continent.

After the human carnage and suffering from the war, there would be no satisfying Christian explanations for a war that pitted European Christian nations against one another and the world. And in this sad sense we also became a casualty of the war. The ostensible reason for this betrayal was to prevent the regime from banning the church as they had done to many small denominations at the time.

People won't let you down if you expect it of them.

And having started on this cooperating arrangement with Hitler, it was only a matter of time before the church would accommodate him further, by making official publications align with the government. In keeping with Nazi doctrine, the chief focus for ostracism in Adventist publications were Jews. In one publication [ Gegenwarts-Fragen , no.

The deep collaboration with the state ultimately led to nightmarish consequences.

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The official German church would inform Nazis of the existence of the Seventh-day Adventist Reformed Movement SDARM , German Seventh-day Adventists who had separated themselves from the main church due to ideological differences such as noncombatancy. But it was the betrayal of Adventists with Jewish heritage that cut deepest. Having fully bought into the Nazi narrative of Aryan race superiority, some German Adventist churches posted on-premises notices advising Adventists of Jewish ancestry that they no longer had a home within the church. And many, thus excluded, would leave, bereft of lifelong friendships and often the only fellowship they had known.

He said he did not wish to act toward his congregation in the way he had been treated. This was nearly 80 years ago. But there are other examples. At least on two occasions in more recent memory our church failed to exercise moral and ethical leadership in its dealings with state governments during major conflicts. Both failures happened in Africa. The first was in South Africa during the Apartheid era. Our leaders, both in South Africa and at the world church headquarters in Washington, kept quiet and did not take a disciplined ethical position in any significant way against the regime or its racist ideology.

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Many organizations, realizing the sun was setting on Apartheid, did what was expedient and belatedly denounced the system and its whole apparatus. Our church did not even do that.

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Our leaders were resolute in their silence and inaction, making us one of the few global churches who took a noncommittal stance against Apartheid even when it was acutely unnecessary to do so. And by playing it safe we effectively endorsed Apartheid to the bitter end. After the regime fell, our leaders continued their silence as though such silence was synonymous with forgetting. This is why Nelson Mandela would not renounce his relationship with Yasser Arafat, the leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization, after Mandela became president.

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The second example is the Rwandan Genocide, which marked its unhappy year anniversary early this year. But Rwanda was a different kind of failing, one that upended long-standing assumptions about the transformative power of Adventism and, by extension, Christianity. This was genocide where Adventists, lay and clergy alike, killed fellow Adventists and non-Adventists equally, indiscriminately, and on a heretofore unimaginable scale.

Simply because they were ethnically different. The magnitude of these internecine Adventist killings was no different than killings conducted by non-Adventists, suggesting that Adventist Christianity, in this instance, was indistinguishable from the moral lapses of other groups outside the Adventist subculture. Or at least not distinguishable enough to transcend tribal and ethnic identity, thus calling into question the efficacy of doctrinal religion when devoid of social ethics and consciousness. Pre-genocide Rwanda prided itself as the most Christian country in Africa. With realistic expectations about others, and without the contaminants of hurt and anger, use the Two Relationship Power Questions to make decisions about who to befriend: 1 Do I like, love or care about this person?

Happiness with others is a big part of your overall happiness. But, like happiness in general, you'd be wise to work on it on purpose. This blog, I hope, helps you along that path. I look forward to talking with you again next month. Till then, with healthy, happy, and with passion.

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Russell Grieger, Ph. You may contact Dr. Grieger for more information at grieger cstone. First off, I'm astounded that both you and your son had the ability to interact as you did; he, calling you out on your silliness, and you accepting your silliness. That alone should tell you that you did a lot right as a parent.

However, trying to dull the anger with a calming salve of gratitude is good as far as it goes, but the heart of the matter is understanding why we have the expectations in the first place. I fear dealing with angry reactions in this way could easily veer into positive psychology territory--a system which ultimately does more harm than good. But recognizing there is a problem--a feat beyond the bulk of humanity--is a huge first step.

The father is an elaborate, highly educated man, the son certainly not. So the way they understand and talk is very different, one based on elaborate concepts and other one based on simple day to day reality, cartoons, etc. The question is how can make easy for a complicate person to deal with a simple situation in which is involved his son.

The son is not replaceable so things become more difficult, because is not a disposable other. Positive psychology do harm if you take it alone and adhere to Buddhism. Nothing wrong if you appreciate more the good side then the bad side of one man.

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The Power of Boundaries Sharing personal information brings people closer together. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. The Upside of Eating Together. Christine Adams, An anthology of true stories by women writers celebrates and meditates on their acts of defiance, from using well-chosen expletives and engaging in less-than-ideal parenting techniques to getting back an at ex and wearing a stolen Girl Ellen Sussman, Once teachers have fully examined their perceptions and beliefs about what makes Table 6. Susanne A.

Denham, Rosemary Burton, Names, characters,places, and incidentsare products of the author's Kate Perry, This is an irresistible assortment of books, offering some of Enid Blyton's favorite characters in an array of lively and amusing stories. Enid Blyton, A child with Superficial can't wait togeta chance to misbehave. Sunil Vaid, Table 2 " 'Good' Teachers ' Management Behaviour 1 Walk out of class when most of the class misbehave.

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Nigel Hastings, Josh Schwieso, More guns hasn't worked. We should try getting rid of them instead. This is where your child is most likely to get suspended from school. Baltimore City Schools have taken a more rehabilitative approach to students who misbehave while last year Maryland enacted sweeping Bankers should stop worrying about being liked - they never will be. Too much time has been spent in recent years worrying about how to set up training courses to ensure bankers don't misbehave , or set up The method eschews explusion and suspenion when students misbehave or fight.

Instead, students talk with those hurt by their actions to to Local theatre production will smuggle audiences back into the s.