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The Gulf War looks today like something of an anomaly: short and sharp, with a clear start and finish; focused on resisting external aggression, not nation-building; and fought on battlefields with combined arms, not in cities by special forces and irregulars. Most unusual of all in light of what would follow, the war was multilateral, inexpensive and successful. It is a stretch to tie the events of to the mayhem that is the Middle East today.

The pathologies of the region—along with the Iraq war and the mishandling of its aftermath, the subsequent pullout of U.

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The Gulf War was a signal success of American foreign policy. It avoided what clearly would have been a terrible outcome—letting Saddam get away with a blatant act of territorial acquisition and perhaps come to dominate much of the Middle East. This article appears in full in The Wall Street Journal by permission of its original publisher. Denn im Grunde stellt Spahn 2. Wirklichkeit kann also sein, ohne auf Wahrheit zu beruhen — und gleichwohl unterstellen wir, dass es so sei.

Insofern bliebe vielleicht ein Kern an Wahrheit.


Die Frage sei dann jedoch: Welches ist dieser Kern. Denn es gibt auch andere Ungereimtheiten, die nicht passen wollen. Dabei kommt er neben zahlreichen anderen neuen Erkenntnissen zu der Feststellung, dass die Autoren der Bibel, vergleichbar den Kolportage-Autoren des Eine lebendige Sprache unterliegt einem permanenten Wandel.

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Die Bibel schreibt diesem einzigen Herrscher von Jahudah, dessen Erscheinen im Tanach prophezeit wird, zahlreiche Leistungen zu. Es ist nicht die einzige Ungereimtheit in diesem Text, die Spahn aufzeigt. Im fernen Babylon erhebt sich ein ehemaliger Offizier, dessen leiblicher Sohn Nebukadnezar dereinst zum Herrscher der damals bekannten Welt aufsteigen sollte. Da es auf dieser Welt nichts umsonst gibt, erwartete der Rebell im fernen Babylon allerdings auch eine Gegenleistung.

Damit dann allerdings endet der jahudahische Ausflug in die Weltgeschichte keine zwanzig Jahre, nachdem er begonnen hat. Doch die Nachfolger des Josia verspielen ihre Chance. Nebukadnezar sieht abermals von einem Strafgericht ab und setzt einen anderen Spross aus der jahudahischen Elite zum Statthalter ein. Deshalb, so der Politikwissenschaftler, muss beispielsweise Abraham aus Mesopotamien kommen. Die Babylonier werden so von einem fernen Stamm zu nahen Verwandten.

Im Land selbst verbleiben die sogenannten kleinen Leute.

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Ihre Herkunft ist teilweise semitisch, teilweise anatolisch, teilweise griechisch, teilweise vielleicht sogar kurdisch. Aber rechtfertigt das, die Ergebnisse der Untersuchung der Menschheit vorzuenthalten? Den Glaube ist nichts anderes als die Wahrheitsunterstellung einer nicht beweisbaren Annahme. Glaube ruht in uns — nicht in der historischen Wahrheit.

Und die Frau? Kennern der griechischen Bibel ist sie als Hulda bekannt. Tomas M. Auch die transatlantischen Beziehungen werden im Vertrag besonders betont. Weitergehende Umsetzungsstrategien zum Thema Antisemitismus finden sich im Koalitionsvertrag jedoch nicht. Erst am Der Bundestags-Beschluss vom This project is aimed to promote a more realistic view of life in Israel.

Passover is a predominantly Jewish holiday and festival. It commemorates the story of the flight for freedom of the Jewish people from the days of Moses. Festive Seder table with wine, matza and Seder plate. Many of our neighbours are struggling to replace monarchies and dictatorships with democracy. It commemorates the story of the Exodus, in which the ancient Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt.

Passover begins on the 15th day of the month of Nisan, which is spring in the Northern Hemisphere, and is celebrated for seven or eight days. It is one of the most widely observed Jewish holidays. In the narrative of the Exodus, the Bible tells that God helped the Children of Israel escape slavery in Egypt by inflicting ten plagues upon the Egyptians before Pharaoh would release his Israelite slaves; the tenth and worst of the plagues was the slaughter of the first-born.

When Pharaoh freed the Israelites, it is said that they left in such a hurry that they could not wait for bread to rise. The Jewish people experienced a second historical Exodus following the horrors of the Holocaust. History has taught the people of the book that a national homeland is a necessity for survival. Palestine was a British colony. The members of the Arab League refused to accept the plan and invaded both Israel and Palestine in These were nations whose citizens never enjoyed democracy and true freedom and refused to give that right to their neighbours.

Sixty two years later these same nations refuse to grant their citizens with freedom and equality. Today, the citizens of these countries are fighting to obtain a democratic lifestyle that they have only learned about from observing Western Nations. They have chosen to fight for the unknown- a life of democracy- even though they know that their life could be lost in the battle.

Most of us cannot imagine what it is like to be a citizen in many of these countries. Marshal Law has ruled the regime in Syria for thirty years? Saudi Arabia is feudal monarchy where people lose their limbs for stealing a loaf of bread. Egypt was ruled by a dictatorship for the past forty years.

This year in Israel we are celebrating the sixty second Passover in the modern Jewish state. Many of us celebrating here place emphasis on the fact that Moses and the ancient Israelites wondered the dessert for forty years before they entered the land of Canaan. Yahu wanted our people to think as free people- not as slaves- before they were given their own nation.

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Seeing as we are a considerably new country, we do our best to maintain that state of mind. Let us hope that the people in Syria, Libya, Egypt and Yemen obtain and enjoy freedom now. To purchase this book, please click here. Petraeus , English , George W. In his State of the Union address on January 25, , U. At the same time, Obama, who is facing massive deficits, did not call for new programs. When Obama did address U. Read full story. Speaker, Mr. Vice President, members of Congress, distinguished guests, and fellow Americans:. Tonight I want to begin by congratulating the men and women of the th Congress, as well as your new Speaker, John Boehner.

The debates have been contentious; we have fought fiercely for our beliefs. Amid all the noise and passion and rancor of our public debate, Tucson reminded us that no matter who we are or where we come from, each of us is a part of something greater -— something more consequential than party or political preference. We are part of the American family.

We believe that in a country where every race and faith and point of view can be found, we are still bound together as one people; that we share common hopes and a common creed; that the dreams of a little girl in Tucson are not so different than those of our own children, and that they all deserve the chance to be fulfilled. What comes of this moment is up to us. What comes of this moment will be determined not by whether we can sit together tonight, but whether we can work together tomorrow. I believe we can. And I believe we must.

New laws will only pass with support from Democrats and Republicans.

We will move forward together, or not at all -— for the challenges we face are bigger than party, and bigger than politics.